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UTeach Columbus

UTeach Columbus introduces science, math students to teaching

UTeach Columbus is an innovative program involving mathematics, science and education faculty at Columbus State University and teaching experts in local schools. Together, these faculty and teaching practitioners will prepare CSU students for an exciting career in mathematics or science. This program allows participating students to acquire a deep understanding of their fields of study; explore mathematics or science teaching as a career; and develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed for teaching. Upon completion of the program, students will earn a CSU degree in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or mathematics and be qualified to teach in a middle school or high school after passing the appropriate state certification examinations.

Six reasons to become a math or science teacher

  • Engage the kids!
    Experience the excitement of helping students achieve those “Aha” moments. You can't imagine a better way to spend your day than working with young adults and making a real difference in their lives.
  • Discover how the natural world works
    Science and math help us make sense of how the world works. Share your fascination with these topics with your students!
  • Experience lifelong learning
    As a teacher, you will have many opportunities to update your training and also opportunities to learn more about math and science. Teachers can attend conferences, take classes and even do summer internships in the U.S. and abroad!
  • Never get bored!
    When you teach, each day brings something new. The challenges of teaching math and science to today's youth are exciting!
  • Give back to the community
    Teaching gives you an opportunity to shape and prepare young minds as they grow, helping them develop their talents and abilities.
  • Build a stronger America
    America's standing in math and science has been on the decline. Be a part of building a strong, competitive generation.

Try it out for free; see if teaching is for you!

Enroll in UTCH 1201 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching and try out teaching. You will obtain first-hand experience with planning and teaching inquiry-based math or science lessons in elementary classrooms. A veteran classroom teacher will guide and mentor you through this entire experience. Upon completion of the course with a C or better, we will reimburse your in-state tuition for this one-credit hour course.

Take advantage of lots of personal and financial support

Personal support is provided throughout the program by master teachers (CSU faculty members who are experienced secondary math or science teachers), mentor teachers (local K-12 teachers) and UTeach Columbus faculty.

Financial support is available through federal loans, grants, scholarships and internships.

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